Performance of ‘Eragil’ peach trees grown on different training systems

  • Alison Uberti, Clevison Luiz Giacobbo Federal University of Fronteira Sul, Rod. SC 484 km 02, Fronteira Sul, CEP 89815-899, Chapecó, SC, Brazil


The aim of this study was to evaluate phenology aspect, vigor, production and quality of ‘Eragil’ peach trees grown under different training and pruning systems. Evaluations were carried out during two seasons, 2015/16 and 2016/17. Fruit tree training and pruning systems ‘Open Center’ (3.5 × 5.0 m), ‘Ipsilon’ (1.5 × 5.0 m) and ‘Central Leader’ (0.8 × 5.0 m) were used. Phenology, vegetative growth (vigor) and yield were evaluated. ‘Central Leader’ plants showed a higher productivity and productive efficiency. ‘Open Center’ plants had a greater vigor and yield per plant, however had a lower yield by unit area. Plants with ‘Y’ shape were intermediates between ‘Open Center’ and ‘Central Leader’ in relation of the evaluated variables. ‘Central Leader’ training system can be used for peach orchards in order to increase yield and productivity indexes.

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