Overcoming dormancy and storage of sapoti seeds

  • Marcus Vinicius Sandoval Paixão Federal Institute of Esp rito Santo, Campus Santa Teresa, ES, Brazil


The objective of this study was to overcome dormancy and germination capacity in sapoti seed storage. The study was conducted at IFES Seed Laboratory from January to December 2015. The experimental design was completely randomized with four replications of 25 seeds, in a split plot. The plots were represented by combinations of treatments of seeds: seeds without treatment; seeds stored for 24 hours in a refrigerator (8-10 ºC); seeds immersed in ice water for 30 min (0 ºC) and seeds stored permanently in a refrigerator at a temperature between 8-10 ºC. The subplots comprised the following storage period of the seeds: 0; 30; 60; 90; 120, 180; 270 and 360 days, at room temperature between 20-26° C. After each storage period were evaluated germination (%), germination speed index and average germination time. Treatment with ice for 30 min. showed the best germination. Permanent storage in refrigerator (8-10° C) presented the best-preserved viability. Heat treatment with ice for 30 min and/or permanent storage in the refrigerator can be used to break dormancy of sapoti seeds.

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