Article Submission & Publication Fees


Dear Colleagues,

Warm Greetings and a very Happy 2021 to you from EJFA Family.

It has now been just over 30 years since EJFA was launched from the College of Food and Agriculture at UAE University, UAE. Through this long yet sustained journey we have served the scientific community in Agriculture, Food Science, Nutrition, and Animal Science/Health by bringing the latest research in these fields to the global community. This momentous trail has had its challenges, yet the achievements allow us to glee a bit because the journal grew unprecedently steadily in its contributions and readership.

The past 4-5 years have particularly been extraordinary for EJFA. We adopted new schemes for publication, created special issues, and celebrated our 30 years of publication with expanded contributions in focus areas important to our readership. Your efforts brought this journal to new heights as is evident for a dramatic increase in the global impact factor of the journal from 0.4 in 2017 to 1.055 today. This is an extraordinary fete.

Today we are receiving over 2000 articles per year for consideration in EJFA. Despite publishing 12 Issues each year, we are rejecting a huge portion of the submitted manuscripts. Therefore, the load on the management team and the editorial board is humungous. Handling so many submissions is a major challenge as we are committed to publishing the best science that is internationally peer-reviewed. Hence, we have been seriously considering implementation measures to cope with the growing pressure of submission and review. 

You all have witnessed the explosion in the number of manuscripts globally during past couple of decades. Science is blossoming, publication trends have dramatically shifted, open access has gained prominence, and the cost of publication is substantial. All these factors have pushed us in the Editorial Office to take a major decision with regards to our sustainability.

While we commit ourselves to provide open access (an expense in itself), we will be charging a nominal processing fee of AED 100 (28 USD) for each manuscript submission (processing fee) and a nominal fee of AED 1000 (272 USD) for the publication of accepted manuscripts. These charges had become imperative for our sustainability as well for our ability to provide prompt and best services to our contributors and readers. We humbly rejoice that compared to other journals, many of which have a lower impact factor, we are providing an outstanding publication platform for much less. These changes will be effective in March 2021.

Your trust in us our inspiration. We take pride in serving you. During the coming years, we are committed to taking EJFA to new heights, for which we will be working very closely with you.