Rapid characterization of secondary metabolites in Caryocar brasiliense leaf extract and antiradical activity


  • Edson Cardoso Teixeira Postgraduate Program in Chemistry, Federal University of Tocantins, 77402-970, Gurupi - TO, Brazil
  • Almir Ribeiro de Carvalho Junior Federal Institute of Bahia, 45030-220, Vitória da Conquista - BA, Brazil.
  • Mario Geraldo de Carvalho Institute of Exact Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, 23851- 970, Seropédica - RJ, Brazil




Leaves of Caryocar brasiliense, the gold of the Cerrado, are used in folk medicine to treat diseases of the respiratory tract. The content of
total phenols and flavonoids of ethanolic extracts from the leaves of C. brasiliense were analysed by the Folin-Dennis reagent and aluminium
chloride, respectively, in addition to the antioxidant activity by DPPH and ABTS tests. The coupling of ultra-high-performance liquid
chromatography (UPLC) and mass spectrometry allowed the identification of 25 compounds, including tannins, triterpenes, saponins, lipids,
and flavonoids. The structures were established by retention time behaviour, extensive analyses of their MS spectra, and by comparison
with standards and/or of their MS data with those reported in the literature. Twenty-one compounds are being registered for the first
time in C. brasiliense. The results suggest the potential of this species as a source of bioactive substances with antioxidant properties.


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Cardoso Teixeira, E., A. R. de Carvalho Junior, and M. G. de Carvalho. “Rapid Characterization of Secondary Metabolites in Caryocar Brasiliense Leaf Extract and Antiradical Activity”. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, vol. 34, no. 6, Aug. 2022, doi:10.9755/ejfa.2022.v34.i6.2874.



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